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Find your balance with the pHAZE that fits you.

Whether you’re using CBD for pain, CBD for anxiety, or CBD for more chronic conditions, you have reliable dosing and flexible pHAZEs with pHAZE Naturals.

CBD Oils

Gain Balance from within.
Consumed orally delivering CBD’s benefits directly through the bloodstream.

500 mg, pHAZE 1

For minor aches and pains, or simply to improve upon your overall whole-body wellness.

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1500 mg, pHAZE 2

For moderate injuries and for those dealing with more chronic conditions, including insomnia.

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3000 mg, pHAZE 3

For those dealing with anxiety that reaches near unbearable levels or to provide relief for your most chronic conditions.

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Feeling Overwhelmed?


Phyllis is your CBD Conceirge here at pHAZE Naturals.  While she is still learning, she will certainly give you a few product recommendations that will get you off on the right foot.

Setting the Standard

US Grown
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Grown and extracted from our ISO certified and soon-to-be USDA Organic Certified facilities in Colorado
All Natural
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PURE CBD / Hemp Products. No additives. No harsh chemicals. No pesticides. Nothing but what you need.
3rd Party Tested
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We only see what we say we do. All products are third party tested and Certificates of Analysis are posted on this site to prove it.
Reliable Dosing
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Our CBD Products are clearly labeled to indicate not only the total CBD per container, but the amount per serving.
Vertically Integrated
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From "seed to shelf", our products are in our hands throughout the entire process, ensuring only the best reaches your hands.
"pHamily" Focused
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We offer an amazing group of products to our amazing customers ... err, pHamily Members.

Earn your CBD pHD

Informed customers are our best customers

CBD for Pets

CBD for our “PHurry PHamily” members too.  CBD is a phenomenal option for anxiety, skin conditions, and your pet’s general wellness.

All natural, organic CBD Products for pets - pHAZE Naturals